Road to Independence U.S. History Workbook | Student Handouts
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Workbook #3 - Road to Independence
This particular workbook covers the build-up to the American Revolution, as well as the Revolutionary War itself. All of the key battles and important historical figures and events are covered. This is 22 pages in length. The answer key is below. Click here to print.
Road to Independence - Workbook for high school United States History. Free to print (PDF file).
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1  A New Colonial System

1. A - Appalachian Mountains
2. Sugar Act
3. Writs of assistance
4. Currency Act
5. Quartering Act

2  The Stamp Act

1.  B - Stamp Act
2. Patrick Henry
3. Sons of Liberty

3  Taxation without Representation

1.  Asserted the authority of Parliament to make laws binding the colonies "in all cases whatsoever"
2. Virtual representation
3. The Crown (George III)

4  The Townshend Acts

1. Charles Townshend
2. That taxes imposed on goods imported by the colonies were legal while internal taxes (like the Stamp Act) were not
3. John Dickinson
4. Boston Massacre

5  Samuel Adams

1. B - False
2. Samuel Adams
3. C - Convinced Parliament to relinquish its authority over the colonies

6  The Boston "Tea Party"

1. British East India Company
2. Samuel Adams
3. B - False
4. Answers will vary

7  The Coercive Acts

1. A - Intolerable
2. Quartering Act
3. Quebec Act
4. First Continental Congress
5. The formation of a "Continental Association" to reestablish the trade boycott
6. B - False
7. George III

8  The Revolution Begins

1. Marine Major John Pitcairn
2. Captain John Parker
3. Second Continental Congress
4. Colonel George Washington
5. August 23, 1775
6.  Lord Dunmore

9  Common Sense and Independence

1. Thomas Paine
2. Richard Henry Lee
3. Declaration of Independence
4. Thomas Jefferson
5. B - False
6. Answers will vary

10  Defeats and Victories

1. D - William Howe
2. B - Delaware River
3. C - Princeton
4. Valley Forge
5. John Burgoyne
6. Benedict Arnold
7. October 17, 1777

11  Franco-American Alliance

1. Benjamin Franklin
2. B - False
3. Treaty of Amity and Commerce
4. Treaty of Amity and Commerce (U.S.A. and France, 1778)

12  The British Move South

1. Charleston, South Carolina
2. Benjamin Lincoln
3. Charles Cornwallis
4. B - False
5. British believed that most Southerners were Loyalists

13  Victory and Independence

1. Comte Jean de Rochambeau
2. Yorktown
3. D - Thomas Jefferson
4. B - Florida
5. West to the Mississippi River, north to Canada, and south to Florida

14  The Significance of the American Revolution

1. Attracted the attention of the European political intelligentsia; strengthened the concept of natural rights; furthered the Enlightenment rationalist critique of the old order; helped to inspire the French Revolution and Latin American independence movements
2. B - False
3. 100,000
4.  B - False
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