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Workbook #15 - Bridge to the 21st Century
This particular workbook includes the 1992 presidential election, domestic and economic policies in the 1990s, the 1996 presidential election, American foreign relations under President Clinton, early terrorist attacks by al-Qaida, the 2000 presidential election, 9/11, the War on Terror, the 2004 presidential election, and more. This is 25 pages in length. The answer key is below. Click here to print.
Bridge to the 21st Century - High school American History workbook is free to print (PDF file).
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1  1992 Presidential Election

1. Cold War ended, Eastern Europe was independent, Germany was reunited, and Arabs and Israelis were engaged in direct negotiations
2. George H. Bush, Bill Clinton, and H. Ross Perot
3. Health care; higher taxes on the wealthy and increased spending on investments in education, transportation, and communications to boost the nation's productivity and growth and thereby lower the deficit
4. Answers will vary

2  A New Presidency

1. Avoided ideological rhetoric that declared big government to be a positive good, etc.
2. Development of a national health program
3. Health care reform

3  Launching a New Domestic Policy

1. Don't ask, don't tell
2. Hillary Rodham Clinton
3. B - False
4. B - Cuba
5. North American Free Trade Agreement
6. Answers will vary
7. 1994
8. No effect or a positive effect
9. C - Republicans
10. C - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
11. End of "big government" and welfare reform

4  The American Economy in the 1990s

1. Personal computer (PC)
2. A previously closed defense data network
3. Fear that outdated computing equipment might not recognize the year 2000
4. Decreased 2%
5. Viewed a rapidly escalating stock market with concern and warned of "irrational exuberance"

5  The Election of 1996 and the Political Aftermath

1. C - Robert Dole
2. 49.2%
3. A - True
4. Answers will vary
5. February 12, 1999

6  American Foreign Relations in the Clinton Years

1. Economic sanctions, containment, no-fly zones
2. 1998
3. Established a Palestinian "authority" to govern the Palestinian population within the West Bank and the Gaza Strip; Palestinian recognition of Israel's right to exist; eventually fell apart
4. Irish Republican Army: Catholic Irish who want to incorporate these British counties into the Republic of Ireland; Unionists: Protestant Scots-Irish who want to remain in the United Kingdom
5. Political process for peace in Northern Ireland
6. Serbs, Croats, Slovenes, Bosnian Muslims, Albanian Kosovars
7. Jean-Bertrand Aristide

7  Intimations of Terrorism

1. Somalia
2. Osama bin Laden
3. Car bomb in a parking garage; killed seven and injured nearly a thousand
4. Attacks by al-Qaida; answers will vary
5. Answers will vary

8  The Presidential Election of 2000 and the War on Terror

1. Al Gore
2. George F.W. Bush
3. Case went to the U.S. Supreme Court; many people questioned the Florida recount; many called for the end of the Electoral College
4. Required public schools to test reading and mathematical proficiency on an annual basis; prescribed penalties for those institutions unable to achieve a specified standard
5. Four hijacked planes hit the Pentagon, the twin towers of the World Trade Center, and the Pennsylvania countryside
6. Answers will vary
7. Designed to coordinate the fight against domestic terrorist attack, it consolidated 22 federal agencies
8. D - Pakistan
9. Iraq
10. Increasing violence that included attacks not simply on allied troops but also Iraqis connected in any way with the new government

9  The 2004 Presidential Election

1. A violent insurgency in Iraq and considerable foreign opposition to the war there
2. George H.W. Bush (Republicans) and John F. Kerry (Democrats)
3. Americans who attended religious services at least once a week and evangelical Christians
4. George H.W. Bush
5. Answers will vary
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