Free Blank Printable Student Sign-in Sheet with 35 Rows - Template
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Printable Student Sign-in Sheet
Student Sign-in Sheet: This sheet has 35 rows. There are two columns--one where the student's name is printed, and the other where the student signs his or her name. If you download this in Word (docx) format, you can type in the students' names (along with the class period).
Free Blank Printable Student Sign-in Sheet with 35 Rows

Student sign-in sheet with thirty rows.


When students get to class, they learn to pass around the sign-in sheet.

This saves the teacher from using class time to take attendance.

Because the students' names are already printed on the sheet, the teacher knows instantly who is there and who is not there. 

In classrooms where this technique is used, it takes about five or ten minutes for the sign-in sheet to get around the room.

The teacher glances at it (to make sure it looks accurate), then continues with the lesson.

Hint: If you use this with all of your classes, consider using a certain color of copy paper with each class.

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