Potluck Sign-Up Sheet - Free to Print
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Potluck Sign-up Sheet
Free Printable Sign-up Sheet for the School or Church Potluck - Sign-up Sheets - Classroom Organization
Potluck Sign-up Sheet - Free to print (PDF file).

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Here's a handy sign-up sheet for your next potluck. There are spaces for name, dish, and contact information. Click here to print. Browse our selection of free printable sign-up sheets.

Did you know? The term potluck comes from pot + luck, and was used in English as far back as at least the 1500s to describe a meal featuring whatever food a host had available, served to surprise guests. For example, the potluck might be a mystery stew stuffed with anything and everything pulled from the larder.

Among the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest, the term potlatch is a gift-giving feast. In modern usage, the centuries-old English term potluck describes a combination of these two meanings--a feast for a large number of guests, and a surprise (since no one is ever quite certain what other guests are bringing).