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Organizing by Child's Age
Organize Classroom Areas by Age with These Free Printables for Teachers and Parents
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Early Presidents Chart Worksheet

Unicorn Coloring Page with Handwriting and Spelling Practice

Ancient Egyptian Soldiers Coloring and Writing Sheet
These free printable sheets allow you to organize areas of a classroom and materials by age.  They are highly visible, and can easily be read by all.  Some ideas for these include:
  1. Designate play areas.
  2. Designate reading materials in a home, day care, or classroom library.
  3. Label boxes of used children's clothing (i.e., stuff you are either saving for the next kid, or donating to charity).
  4. One lady used these for collecting donations for a church rummage sale. She used six tables, placing "Age 1" on the left side of the first table, "Age 2" on the right side, etc.  This made sorting the children's clothes so much easier.  Volunteers just piled up the clothing in the correct spots.
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