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1.5" x 2" Post-It Notes Printing Template
Templates for Printing Directly onto 1.5" x 2" Post-It Notes - Scroll Down to Print - Print directly on small Post-Its.Do you find yourself constantly writing and rewriting the same things on Post-It Notes?

Wouldn't it be simpler to be able to print directly onto your Post-Its?  We agree!

This free printing template is designed to work with 1.5" x 2" Post-It Notes (the small rectangular ones).

(1) The first thing you do is print the template containing the little boxes. You can get this PDF file here. We recommend printing this template on card stock because you'll be running it through your printer often, and you'll want it to last.

1.5" x 2" Printing Template for Post-It Notes (2) Next, you will need to download the template that you will be printing on. You can get it here (Word .docx) or here (Word 1997-2003 .doc).

The Word documents that you download contain the properly-sized text boxes, but not the black box lines. (You don't want to waste ink printing the outline of the box onto your Post-Its.)

(3) Using the Word template, type whatever it is that you want to print into each empty box.

(4) Take your template full of little boxes and place a Post-It over every square that corresponds to a square you typed into using Word. (If you filled all of the boxes in Word, then fill every box with a Post-It.)

At this point, you should be holding a piece of card stock covered in Post-It Notes, while looking at a Word document on your computer screen that contains what you want to print onto these Post-It Notes.

(5) Place your sheet of paper that is covered in Post-It Notes into the printer and print your document. Coming out of the printer, you should see lovely, perfectly printed Post-It Notes.
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