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Vocabulary List 11.1 Matching Worksheet
English > Vocabulary > Grade 11 Vocabulary > Grade 11 Vocabulary Terms Lists > 11.1
Vocabulary List 11.1 Matching Worksheet - Free to print (PDF file).
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Students are asked to match the 11.1 vocabulary terms with their definitions. Click here to print. The answer key is provided below.
1. _____ a circumstance or reason that justifies a thought, word, or deed
h. justification

2. _____ a thing that is indispensable or necessary
i. necessity

3. _____ an agreement between persons to meet at a certain place and time
o. rendezvous

4. _____ dauntless or doggedly fearless
g. intrepid

5. _____ dilemma
n. quandary

6. _____ explicitly expressed or stated
l. positive

7. _____ extremely fruitful
m. prolific

8. _____ habitual criminal
j. outlaw

9. _____ implied rather than stated directly
f. implicit

10. _____ lack or scarcity
e. dearth

11. _____ pertaining to a relative comparison
d. comparative

12. _____ to calm or bring to a state of peace
k. pacify

13. _____ to crash or violently come into contact with
c. collide

14. _____ to deprive or leave desolate
b. bereave

15. _____ to make more bearable or satisfactory
a. ameliorate