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Everybody Knows...Elizabeth Murray (2016)
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"A determined single mom, with nothing but guts and vision, breaks through notorious art world barriers to become one of the outstanding painters of our time."
Everybody Knows...Elizabeth Murray (1940-2007)
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This 60-minute documentary film looks at the work of one of the most well-known artists of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, Elizabeth Murray (1940-2007). This film will be particularly inspiring to girls from tough circumstances--Elizabeth's father's bad habits kept the family poor and often homeless. It was only through the care, interest, and financial backing of Elizabeth's high school art teacher (Ms. Stein) that Elizabeth was able to attend the Art Institute of Chicago. From there, Elizabeth Murray moved to New York, where she pursued painting despite setbacks, including single parenthood following a divorce. This is touching portrait of a woman who fought against the grain to followc her passion. It is safe for all ages, but most appropriate for junior and senior high school students.

EKEM TRAILER from Elizabeth Murray Film on Vimeo.
Creators and Stars: Adam Weinberg, Amy Cappellazzo, Arne Glimcher, Bob Holman, Caroline Goodman, Chuck Close, Daisy Murray Holman, Dakota Sunseri, Deborah Kass, Douglas Baxter, Elizabeth Murray, Ellen Phelan, Elyn Zimmerman, Glenn Lowry, Hermine Ford, Irving Sandler, Jacki Ochs, Jen Fineran, Jennifer Bartlett, Jenny McCormack, Jerry Saltz, Joel Shapiro, Julia Lucas, Kristi Zea, Madeline Warren, Margaret Porter, Meryl Streep, Nancy Princenthal, Paula Cooper, Quincy Troupe, Robert Storr, Roberta Smith, Sarah Lewis, et al. The DVD is available here.