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Wrecked (2010)
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Wrecked (2010) Movie Review for Parents and Teachers Length: 91 minutes (1 hour, 31 minutes)

Age Appropriateness Rating: Rated R in the United States. There is no sex and little violence in this film. The R rating is most likely due to the incredibly gory nature of the film, along with some foul language. It is completely inappropriate for classroom viewing, but may safely be watched by mature high school students with parental permission/supervision. This film may very well give your teenager (and you) nightmares.

Creators and Stars: Adrien Brody, Michael Greenspan, Christopher Dodd

Adrien Brody in Wrecked (2010) Historical Accuracy: This film is set in the present, so historical accuracy is not an issue. Adrien Brody (character unnamed) awakens in the passenger seat of a wrecked car that has fallen into a ravine. He has been severely injured and lost much of his memory. He struggles for days to survive, while slowly recollecting the events that led him to this point.

Adrien Brody in "Wrecked" (Movie, 2010) Review: "Wrecked" offers no clear moral lesson. In fact, about the only thing one might learn from watching this film is to wear a seat belt. I can also picture a lot of teenagers using this movie as an excuse to demand a good cell phone. Teenagers interested in acting should enjoy this film because of the amazing performance by Oscar-winner Adrien Brody. Although a few other actors share the screen here and there, this movie is essentially an hour and a half of Adrien Brody proving that he is one of the finest actors working today. Click here for the official film poster.
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