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Getting-to-Know-You Bingo Game
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Getting-to-Know-You Bingo Game - Icebreaker is free to print (PDF file) for elementary school students.
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Get to know your classmates! Try to fill in as many boxes as possible with the names of students in your class. For example, look around for someone with brown hair. Under the column "My hair is..." there is a box labeled "brown." The name of your brown-haired classmate goes in this box.
Click here to print this bingo game sheet, aimed at kids in grades 1-6. This is a great game for getting kids acquainted at the beginning of the school year. Option 1: Have kids complete the board, and the student with the most completed squares wins. Option 2: Have students fill every square, then play a game of bingo, using kids' names (instead of "B12," etc.).