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DIY Hall Passes for the Classroom
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DIY Hall Passes for the Classroom - Free to print (PDF).
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Make Your Own Hall Passes
Directions: Print each sheet. If possible, use card stock and laminate each sheet. Then cut apart the separate hall passes. Attach the passes to the pass board using sticky Velcro tabs. (You could instead punch holes in the passes and attach Scotch-brand sticky plastic hooks to the pass board.) Use only the passes you need. Hang the pass board near the classroom door where it can be reached by students. Voila! For almost no cost, you have a charming and colorful assortment of hall passes for your class. (We have seen cardboard versions of these sell for more than ten dollars.)
Tip: A quick glance at this board, and you can recall whether or not you have let a student use the restroom, etc. Teach children to look at this hall pass board before requesting a trip to the bathroom. For example, when a little girl sees that the girls' restroom pass is missing, she will know to that she must wait to use the lavatory until the girl using the pass returns.
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