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Curved Checkerboard Instructions
Curved checkerboards are one of the most addictive forms of doodling in existence. They are a fun and entertaining starting point for those who want to draw and color but who worry their doodles aren't particularly good. It's nearly impossible to mess up checkered shapes! All you have to do is follow the basic rules (and always draw in pencil).
DIY COLORING: Learn to Make a Curved Checkerboard - Instructions
Doodling can be lots of fun. Squiggly checkerboard circular (curved) doodles are easy to draw.

DIY: Make Your Own Rounded Checkerboard to Color - InstructionsOption 1: Start by drawing a standard checkered board. Then draw closed shapes (circles, ovals) on top of the checkerboard. Be sure to avoid drawing lines over corners.

Option 2: Simply draw a circle over another circle; avoid drawing a new line through an intersection of existing lines. The result is a perfect checkerboard full of shapes.

Never draw a line through a point where two other lines cross.

Never draw a line that runs against another line--that is, don't have two lines running parallel, then moving so close together that they touch. The line you are drawing must always completely pass over the other line.

Once you've finished, you can color it in! Be careful, though; it's incredibly frustrating when you skip around while coloring only to learn you miscounted and now face a certain color shape against another shape of that color. Check out an example here.

Starting with circles is easiest. After you've mastered circles and circular shapes, try squares, triangles, rectangles, and other more complicated shapes. Your checkerboard will work so long as you follow the basic rules.
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