Curved Checkerboard Instructions | Student Handouts
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Curved Checkerboard Instructions
DIY: Make Your Own Rounded Checkerboard to Color - Coloring Pages - Fun Worksheets and Activities
DIY COLORING: Learn to Make a Curved Checkerboard - Instructions
Doodling can be lots of fun. Squiggly checkerboard circular (curved) doodles are easy to draw. Option 1: Start by drawing a standard checkered board. Then draw closed shapes (circles, ovals) on top of the checkerboard. Be sure to avoid drawing lines over corners. Option 2: Simply draw a circle over another circle; avoid drawing a new line through an intersection of existing lines. The result is a perfect checkerboard full of shapes. Never draw a line through a point where two other lines cross. Once you've finished, you can color it in! Check out an example here.
DIY: Make Your Own Rounded Checkerboard to Color - Instructions
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