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Flag Day is June 14th. Coloring page with handwriting practice.

Lucky horseshoe and four-leaf clover coloring page with handwriting practice

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Presidents of the United States Word Search Puzzle
Students are asked to read, trace, and write the sentence: "Flag Day is June 14th." Choice of print or cursive fonts. Children then color a patriotic banner in honor of this annual holiday.

Click here to print with the sentence in print manuscript font.

Click here to print with the sentence in cursive script font.

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UNIT I: Early America   UNIT IX: Discontent and Reform
UNIT II: Colonial Period   UNIT X: War, Prosperity, and Depression
UNIT III: American Revolution   UNIT XI: New Deal and World War II
UNIT IV: New National Government   UNIT XII: Postwar America
UNIT V: Westward Expansion   UNIT XIII: Decades of Change
UNIT VI: Sectional Conflict   UNIT XIV: New Conservatism
UNIT VII: Civil War and Reconstruction   UNIT XV: Into the Twenty-first Century