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Thrifty Sixth-Grader Workbook
Free Printable Workbook - Scroll Down to Print (PDF) - Fun Stuff > Holidays > Thrift Week
Thrifty Sixth-Grader Workbook - Free to print (PDF file) for Thrift Week, January 17-23.
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Here's a fun, free, and educational workbook to get kids thinking about personal finance, and preparing for Thrift Week. Ten pages in length, it's designed to be printed on five sheets of paper. This self-directed workbook teaches the principle of thrift. We recommend giving it to kids to keep them occupied and learning over winter recess. FYI: There is plenty of cursive script handwriting practice. Click here to print or download.

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Answers: (1) economy, thrift, industry; (2) foresight, self-denial, thrift, economy. All other answers will vary.

"Save some part of every dollar you have and the practice will become a habit--a habit which you will never regret, and of which you will never grow shame." - Maggie L. Walker