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Grandmama's Valentine Victorian Poem Worksheet - Free to print (PDF file).
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This fun Valentine's Day worksheet has students read a poem and answer ELA questions. The poem dates to the Victorian period. Click here to print.
Sweet little maiden with eyes so blue,
What has the postman brought for you?
Come sit by my knee and tell me, I say,
What has he brought you on Valentine’s Day?

Yes, that’s very pretty! I’m greatly afraid
That someone’s in love with my sweet little maid.
Is it Cyril, or Arthur, or Jacky, my dear?
Come, whisper his name in your grandmama’s ear.

When my hair was golden, and my eyes were blue,
One Valentine’s Day I was waiting like you;
Waiting impatiently, longing to see
What the kind postman was bringing for me.
And a valentine came, oh, so lovely and gay,
With a fat little cupid, and mottoes to say
That the dear little sender’s best wishes were mine,
And he wanted “sweet Maggie” for his valentine.

It is faded and yellow and crumpled, my pet,
But I treasured it then, and I treasure it yet;
And the dear little sender is now an old man,
And what was his name? Well, now, guess if you can.

His hair once so brown, now is whiter than mine,
But still he remains my own true valentine;
And we’re lovers today, as we were in the past.
“It’s grandpapa?” Yes, dear, you’ve guessed it at last. > Fun Stuff > Holiday Activities and Worksheets > Valentine's Day