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Afghanistan's Political History Bullet Points Worksheet
Brief Political History of Afghanistan Mutiple-Choice Worksheet - Free to print (PDF file).
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1. When did Afghanistan gain independence from Great Britain?

     a. 1747
     b. 1919
     c. 1979
     d. 1989

2. What country invaded Afghanistan in 1979?

     a. Great Britain
     b. Iraq
     c. Soviet Union
     d. United States

3. What organization arose in Afghanistan in 1994?

     a. Al-Qaeda
     b. Communist Party
     c. Hamas
     d. Taliban

4. Who became Afghanistan’s first democratically elected president, following the defeat of the Taliban?

     a. Ayatollah Khomeini
     b. Hamid Karzai
     c. Osama bin Laden
     d. Saddam Hussein
Click here to print. Answer Key: (1) B - 1919; (2) C - Soviet Union; (3) D - Taliban; (4) B - Hamid Karzai