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The walls of the fortress above the city of Eger, Hungary.
Danube River, Hungary
A monument in Budapest to Imre Nagy, leader during the failed 1956 revolution.
Hungarian Flag
Political Map of Hungary
Hungary Global Position Map
Walls of the Fortress above the City of Eger
Danube River, Separating Buda and Pest (Together Budapest)
Monument to Imre Nagy, Leader during the Failed 1956 Revolution (Budapest)
Buda Castle, Budapest, Hungary
Budapest at Night (Hungary)
The statue of Stephen I, saint and king, in the Fisherman's Bastion terrace on the Buda side of Budapest.
View of the Gothic Revival Hungarian Parliament Building on the Pest side of the Danube. (Budapest, Hungary)
Some of the statues at Heroes' Square in Budapest, Hungary.
Esztergom Basilica is the largest church in Hungary.
Buda Castle in Budapest
Budapest at Night
Statue of Stephen I (King and Saint) in Budapest
Hungarian Parliament Building
Statues in Heroes' Square (Budapest)
Esztergom Basilica
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