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Brittany - Breizh - Bretagne
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Brittany, known as Breizh in the native Celtic language, and as Bretagne in the French language, is considered to be one of the six modern Celtic nations.  The native Celtic language is called Breton or Brezhoneg. Brittany is currently part of France.
Largest cities: Nantes (circa 711,000), Rennes (circa 521,000), and Brest (circa 303,000)
Motto: "Kentoc'h mervel eget bezañ saotret." ("Rather death than dishonor.")
Interesting facts:
Due to reorganization in the French government, the modern Region of Brittany is composed of 80% of historical Brittany.
Breizh (Breton) is not recognized as an official language in France (only French is).
Regardless of the unofficial status of the Breton language, bilingual French-Breton signs are not uncommon in Brittany.
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