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France Map Worksheet
World Geography > Geography of Europe > Geography of Western Europe > Geography of France
France Map Worksheet - Free to print (PDF file) for students of World Geography.
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Students use the maps to answer six multiple-choice questions on the country of France. Click here to print.

1. What is the capital city of France? a. Cherbourg b. Dijon c. Paris d. Valentigney
2. Which of the following bodies of water does not border France? a. Bay of Biscay b. English Channel c. Mediterranean Sea d. Pacific Ocean
3. Which of the following countries does not share a border with France? a. Greece b. Italy c. Luxembourg d. Switzerland
4. France is bordered by _____ on the south. a. Belgium b. Germany c. Netherlands d. Spain
5. What mountain range divides France from Spain? a. Alps b. Himalayas c. Pyrenees d. Urals
6. France is located in _____. a. Asia b. Europe c. North America d. South America
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