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Reims Cathedral
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Reims Cathedral
Cathedral of Rheims (Reims), photographed in 1914, just before it was heavily damaged in the fighting of World War I. The medieval cathedral was completed in the late 13th century (Middle Ages). All French monarchs were crowned at Reims until 1825. Today, it is a major tourist destination in France.

Construction on the Notre-Dame de Reims, a medieval Gothic cathedral, began in 1211. Although structures were rebuilt on the site over time, it marks the spot where Clovis, the first king of France, was crowned in 496 C.E. All French monarchs were crowned here, through the coronation of Charles X in 1825. After Charles X was overthrown in 1830, his successor, Louis Philippe, decided against holding a coronation ceremony. Today, the cathedral is a major tourist attraction, drawing approximately 1,000,000 visitors each year. Click here to enlarge.
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