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Family Tree Chart for Cousins
Family Tree Chart Showing Eight Generations Down to Fifth Cousins - Free to print (PDF file).
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For you hardcore genealogists out there, this family tree chart is a real treat. Commonly, in genealogy, researchers connect with third, fourth, and fifth cousins. Making sense out of these distant familial relationships can be confusing and difficult. This chart is designed to show the relationship between up to six generations that are descended from a common couple.

The "Common Ancestors" are the man and woman you and your third, fourth, or fifth cousin are descended from. They are connected horizontally to show that they are joined by marriage (or any union that generated offspring).

The "Siblings" are the children of the "Common Ancestors." Your cousin is descended from one of the siblings, and you are descended from the other sibling. The spouses of these siblings are then connected to them horizontally.

Completing the rest of the chart should be simple. You simply keep filling out the boxes with the names of the couple for that row, then their child's name below. Next to the child's name, place the name of that child's spouse/partner. Once the chart is complete, you can see at a glance how you and your "cousin" are related.

The term "cousin" is synonymous with (the same as) "first cousin." Your "cousin" or "first cousin" is the son or daughter of your aunt or uncle (your mom or dad's brother or sister). The next generation are called "second cousins." For example, you and your first cousin each have daughters. These two little girls are second cousins.

But what about generations on different rows? This is where the genealogical term "removed" is used. Your daughter and your cousin's daughter are second cousins. But how are you related to your cousin's daughter? She is your "first cousin once removed." The word "removed" refers to the fact that she is "removed" from being your first cousin by the distance of one generation. You would also be referred to as her first cousin once removed.

The formula for "removed" cousins is to start with the earliest relationship, then count down the number of generations from which the two people are "removed." For example, imagine that the chart above features "Pierre" on the horizontal row of second cousins, and "Marguerite" on the horizontal row of fifth cousins. They are second cousins removed by three generations. Pierre and Marguerite would refer to one another as "second cousins thrice (three times) removed." Pierre's wife, not a blood relative of Marguerite, would be her "second cousin-in-law thrice removed."

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