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Names Starting with "T" -Pictures and Bios on Important People in History - Click on a Historical Figure
  Leon Trotsky   Olaf Tryggvason (963-1000)   Prince Maurice de Talleyrand Pics and Bio   Emperor Trajan (53-117 C.E.)   Thorwaldsen  
  Leon Trotsky   Olaf Tryggvason (963-1000)   Prince Maurice de Talleyrand   Emperor Trajan (53-117 C.E.)   Thorwaldsen
  Mark Twain (1835-1910)   Indians: Tecumseh     Marshal Turenne    
  Mark Twain (1835-1910)   Tecumseh
  Tecumseh Defends the Whites at Fort Meigs   Marshal Turenne
  Marshal Turenne at the Battle of the Dunes  
  Themistocles   Louis Adolphe Thiers   Theseus        
(514-449 BCE)
  Louis Adolphe Thiers
  Theseus   Tribute to the Minotaur (Theseus)      
  Torquato Tasso     Alfred Tennyson     Titian  
  Torquato Tasso
  Torquato Tasso and the Two Eleanors   Alfred Lord Tennyson
  Alfred Tennyson in His Library   Titian
    President Donald Trump              
  A Fete at the House of Titian   U.S. President Donald Trump