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Chapter & Unit Grades
Free Downloadable Excel Spreadsheet for Teachers to Calculate Student Grades - Scroll Down for Download
Excel spreadsheet for grading by chapter or unit (up to ten).

This simple method of grading is useful for many subjects.

The teacher separately calculates a percentage grade (written in numerical form, e.g., "80" for 80) for the chapter or unit, which is entered under that chapter's column.

For the first chapter, that number is obviously the student's current average in the course.

When the second chapter or unit is completed, the teacher enters this second score.

The following column then instantly calculates the student's current average.

This allows the teacher to immediately know a student's grade, perfect both at mid-term and at the end of a quarter.

This sheet allows for up to ten units or chapters.
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Excel Spreadsheet Version 1
| Version 2