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Free Printable Renter's Checklist - Perfect for Anyone Getting a First (or Next) Apartment
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We filled in this sample renter's checklist for you below, to give you some idea what to write. The topics are extensive, but still vague enough to allow you to personalize the rental checklist form. On your own checklist, write down what matters most to you. This is perfect for college students renting their first apartment or house. To print the checklist sheet with just the headings, print the PDF file. Click here to print (PDF file).


666 Mockingbird Lane



Lincoln Heights; Residential; Lots of kids on bikes


 $800.00 a month



Walk-up building; Third floor


 $800.00 plus $800.00 broker fee


Air Conditioning/Heat

Allow window units; Radiator heat


Crowded street parking



5 total; 1 doesn't open right


Heat & hot water included, but not cooking gas or electricity


Telephone Jacks

1 in living room


1 linen closet & 1 closet in master bedroom


Internet/Cable Television Jacks

No jacks (will have to pay for installation)

Extra Storage

1 5x5 space in basement


Kitchen Ventilation/Exhaust

No kitchen exhaust fan

Apartment Amenities

Built-in microwave



Thumped on walls--sound hollow (not good)

Electrical Outlets

2 in living room; 1 in each bedroom; 1 in bathroom; 1 in kitchen


Outdoor Space

Overgrown backyard; no one seems to use it

Water Pressure

Bathroom/Shower good; kitchen bad


Building Amenities

Garbage chute on every floor

Square Feet



Changes to Apartment

No nails in walls; Walls must stay white


2, but second one can fit only a twin bed



1 cat but no dogs, birds, etc.

Laundry Facilities

4 washers and dryers in basement


Local Amenities

4 blocks from subway; Near a lot of bars/restaurants; No grocery store nearby

Building/Apartment Security

Camera at entrance; Strong locks



Residents seem to feel safe leaving their packages out by the mailboxes; maintenance person available 24/7/365


  • Small

  • Carpeting in master bedroom

  • Nice kitchen > Miscellaneous > Renter's Checklist