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Religious Symbols
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  Torii Symbol in Japanese Shintoism   Aum or Omkar   Kolo Dharmy or Dharmacakra or Wheel of Dharma/Life in Buddhism   Islamic Crescent   Sun Cross in African Fetishism  
  Torii (Shintoism)   Omkar, or Aum (Hinduism)   Dharmacakra or Wheel of Life (Buddhism)   Crescent (Islam)   Sun Cross (Fetishism)  
  Bahai Nine-Pointed Star   Christian cross   Ahimsa or Ahinsa in Jainism   Swastika in Jainism   Yin and Yang Symbol  
  Nine-Pointed Star (Bahaiism)   Cross (Christianity)   Ahimsa or Ahinsa (Jainism)   Swastika (Jainism)   Yin-Yang (Taoism)  
  Khanda in Sikhism   Triple Goddess (Neopaganism)   Jewish Star of David     Cross pattée  
  Khanda (Sikhism)   Triple Goddess (Neopaganism)   Star of David (Judaism)   Menorah (Judaism)   Cross Pattée (Medieval Christianity)  
  Ayyavazhi Symbol (Hinduism)   Rece Boga (Hands of Gods) in Eastern European Christianity   Nazi Rece Boga   Christian Fish      
  Ayyavazhi (Hinduism)   Rece Boga Swargi, or Hands of God (Polish/Slavic Christianity)   Rece Boga Swargi, or Hands of God (Version Appropriated by the Nazis)   Fish (Christianity)      
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