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Free Printable Quotations - Listed Alphabetically by Author Name - English - Social Studies
George Washington CARVER: Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.
Noam CHOMSKY: All over the place, from the popular culture to the propaganda system, there is constant pressure to make people feel that they are helpless, that the only role they can have is to ratify decisions and to consume.
Sir Winston CHURCHILL: A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject.
Sir Winston CHURCHILL: All great things are simple, and many can be expressed in single words: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.
Sir Winston CHURCHILL: However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.
Sir Winston CHURCHILL: It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.
Sir Winston CHURCHILL: Never hold discussions with the monkey when the organ grinder is in the room.
Sir Winston CHURCHILL: Never, never, never believe any war will be smooth and easy, or that anyone who embarks on the strange voyage can measure the tides and hurricanes he will encounter. The statesman who yields to war fever must realize that once the signal is given, he is no longer the master of policy but the slave of unforeseeable and uncontrollable events.
Sir Winston CHURCHILL: The price of greatness is responsibility.
Sir Winston CHURCHILL: We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.
CICERO: These studies sustain youth and entertain old age, they enhance prosperity, and offer a refuge and solace in adversity, they delight us when we are at home without hindering us in the wider world, and are with us at night, when we travel and when we visit the countryside. [>Pro Archia Poeta]
Eldridge CLEAVER: The price of hating other human beings is loving oneself less.
CONFUCIUS: Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.
CONFUCIUS: Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.
CONFUCIUS: Respect yourself and others will respect you.
CONFUCIUS: Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous.
CONFUCIUS: A gentleman is broad and fair; the small man takes sides and is narrow.
CONFUCIUS: Learning without thought is naught; thought without learning is dangerous.
CONFUCIUS: We shall seldom get lost if we hold to main lines.
CONFUCIUS: When I first met men I listened to their words and took their deeds on trust. When I meet them now, I listen to their words and watch their deeds.
CONFUCIUS: The people may be made to follow, we cannot make them understand.
CONFUCIUS: Learn as though the time were short, like one that fears to lose.
CONFUCIUS: Put faithfulness and trust first, and follow the right; the mind will be raised. We wish life to what we love and death to what we hate. To wish it both life and death is a delusion.
CONFUCIUS: A knight that is fond of ease does not amount to a knight.
CONFUCIUS: A man of mind can always talk, but talkers are not always men of mind.
CONFUCIUS: When words are unblushing, they are hard to make good.
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