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Earth Science Decoder Puzzle
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1. 5-10-5-3-20-1 is the material thrown out by a volcano.

2. A 6-15-19-19-9-12 gives evidence of past life on earth.

3. 7-5-15-20-8-5-18-13-1-12 energy is energy from the earth’s internal heat.

4. Once magma reaches the earth’s surface, it is called 12-1-22-1.

5. 13-1-7-13-1 is molten rock beneath the earth’s surface.

6. 19-5-1 12-5-22-5-12 is the top of the ocean.

7. 19-5-4-9-13-5-14-20 is rock debris.

8. 22-9-19-3-15-19-9-20-25 measures the resistance to flow of a liquid.

9. An object circling the sun in a non-circular orbit is a 3-15-13-5-20.

10. When weathered material moves downslope because of gravity, it is called  5-18-15-19-9-15-14.

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