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Life Fact Sheet for Science
Life Fact Sheet for Science - Worksheet is free to print (PDF file)  for elementary Science students.
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Here is a fun way to help students realize how organisms fit into categories of plant, animal, etc., classification. Each student is given this worksheet, then assigned an organism (from a dog to an oak tree, an elephant to a shark). The student's task is to research the organism, and determine its domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species. Students list the organism's common name as well as its scientific name. At the bottom of the sheet, students draw an illustration of the organism. Click here to print.
Tips: This sheet is useful throughout the school year, giving ample opportunities to reinforce concepts of animal classification. For example, have students select a few animals for further research after a trip to the local zoo. Just read a story featuring a dog? Then complete a fact sheet on Canis lupus familiaris. Once students have mastered the concept, you might want to try the fun Monkey Around Project.