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Printable George Washington Poetry Unscramble Worksheet for Kids - Scroll Down to Print (PDF)
George Washington Poetry Scrambled Word Worksheet - Free to print (PDF file). Designed for upper elementary students.
This is a fun activity for Presidents Day, or any day of the year. Kids learn a little bit about the differences between George Washington's time and our own by unscrambling the word at the end of each line of the poem below. Then, kids find the unscrambled words in the word search puzzle.

When Washington was president,
     Homes were cold as an icicle;
He never on a subway went,
     And never rode a bicycle.

He read by no electric lamp,
     Nor took a trip to Yellowstone;
He never licked a postage stamp,
     And never saw a telephone.

His trousers ended at the knees,
     By email he could not dispatch;
He filled his lamp with whale oil grease,
     And never had a match to scratch.

But in these days it’s come to pass,
     All work is with such dashing done;
We’ve all these things, but then alas,
     We seem to have no Washington.
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