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Civics, American Government, and Political Science
There are two sets of teaching materials here.  The first set of materials is centered around the NYSDE Regents curriculum and standards, but can be used with any state's Civics or American Government course.  The second set is a more historically-based approach. Social Studies Worksheets - American History - World History
Traditional American Government Course Outline with a Historical Focus
Unit 1: Foundations of the American Government
Unit 2: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
Unit 3: United States Federal Government
Unit 4: Executive Branch
Unit 5: Judicial Branch
Unit 6: Legislative Branch
Unit 7: Civic Participation in the Affairs of Government
Unit 8: State Governments
Unit 9: Local Governments
Unit 10: Government Reform
Unit 11: Political Science
Unit 12: International Law, the United Nations, and Foreign Governments
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