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Citations Worksheet for Kids
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Citations Worksheet for Kids - Free to print (PDF file). Students learn to cite their sources by jotting down facts and where the information was acquired.
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Introducing young students to historical research? Here is a free printable that allows young students (primary grades) to collect as many facts from as many sources as they can find. Either give the student the entire sheet (and more as they fill up), or cut apart in order to create a citation card for each "fact" they find on their research topic. Once enough cards are completed (that is, once an adequate amount of information has been gathered), the student creates his/her project on the topic (an informative poster, essay, etc.). The information on the cards is used to construct the bibliography. Use of these sheets meets the Core Curriculum State Standards "Historical Research and Analysis" objective. Click here to print. For more of our primary Social Studies freebies, click here.
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