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Research a Person Worksheet
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Primary Grades Research-a-Topic Worksheet - Free to print (PDF file).
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Even kids in first grade can do historical research! Here's a great, fun worksheet for a student's first foray into research.

This lesson plan requires you to give each student the name of an important person in history to research. We recommend that you have the kids draw names from a fishbowl to avoid any bitterness. Click here for a sheet of name cards you can print, cut apart, and put in your fishbowl (there are 28 names listed, with plenty of blank cards for you to add names of your choice). Have the students write their topic's name on the line under "Research Topic."

Explain to the students that they are going to research this person, using at least two sources. Remind students of the importance of having a trusted source to back up any information they intend to publish, convey, etc. They must cite their sources on the sheet (a source for where the person was born, and one for what the person did).

Take the kids to the library/media center and explain where types of books are located, then let them do their research.

Their first time researching a person, the kids will probably need plenty of assistance. But after a few times doing this, they'll be able to research just about anything.

Click here to print. We recommend leaving the backside blank for additional research notes. If you'd like to put dashed writing lines on the back, click
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