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Multiple-Choice Practice Tests
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Multiple-Choice Practice Tests - Samples of and instructions for our interactive multiple-choice tests and quizzes for teachers and students in K-12 education.Directions: Multiple-choice practice tests are exactly what the name implies.  There are two types: traditional and Silverlight.  Traditional multiple-choice practice tests have all the question and answer options on a single page.  Silverlight multiple-choice practice tests have one question per page (the next question page opens after the last question has been answered).  Multiple-choice practice tests most accurately reflect tests given by teachers, testing companies, and states.
Sample multiple-choice practice tests:
  Punic Wars Interactive Map Quiz   Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire Interactive Multiple-choice Quiz     Battle of Bovines (1214) Interactive Image Quiz   British India Interactive Map Quiz with 9 Questions  
  Western States Online Map Quiz   Establishment of the Roman Republic Interactive Multiple-choice Quiz   Name the Midwestern State Online Map Quiz   Western Europe Map ID Quiz Game   Southern States Online Map Quiz  
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