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Chronograms Worksheet
Chronograms Puzzle Worksheet for Kids - Free to print (PDF file).

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Chronograms are anagrams that use Roman numerals, with each Roman numeral’s letter standing for a letter of a word in the anagram.  Roman numerals may concoct a suitable sentence for any remarkable event you select.  For example, Queen Elizabeth I’s death was in 1603, Roman numerals MDCIII.  A chronogram for the year of this queen’s death might read: “My Day Is Closed In Immortality.”

Raphael, the famous Renaissance artist, died in 1520, MDXX: “My Deeds eXceed eXpectation.”

William the Conqueror invaded England in 1066, MLXVI: “Mighty Leader eXpecting Victorious Invasion.”

Here is your chance to create chronograms of your own.  Using the date and information provided, create a chronogram.  Have a friend or parent attempt to decipher the chronogram.  For example, you would hand over a slip of paper reading “Mighty Leader eXpecting Victorious Invasion” and see if the recipient can figure out that it refers to William’s conquest of 1066.

The French Revolution erupted in 1789, MDCCLXXXIX:

Abraham Lincoln elected president in 1860, MDCCCLX:

Marie Curie won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1911, MCMXI:

Neil Armstrong walked on the moon in 1969, MCMLXIX:

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