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Brain Teasers Worksheet #2
Brain Teasers Worksheet #2

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An Age Problem: Unravel this riddling question.

When first the marriage knot was tied
Between my wife and me,
My age was to that of my bride
As three times three to three.
But now, when ten and half ten years
We man and wife have been,
Her age to mine exactly bears
As eight is to sixteen.
Now tell, I pray, from what I’ve said,
What were our ages when we wed?

What is it that everyone thinks of in telling a riddle, and everyone thinks of when hearing it?

Why is shoe polish like a newspaper editor?

How can a religious person make her or his money go a long way?

What advantage does a postage stamp have over a dog owner?

When is a cigar like dried beef?

In the year 1894, if all of the American presidents would have been able to stand in a row, how far would they have reached?

Unscramble the name of each British prime minister: HHTTCARE, ACEMNOR, AELLWPO, IISAERLD, SGLDAETNO.
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Answer Key
  • He was 45 and his wife was 15.
  • The answer.
  • Both polish the understanding of their patrons.
  • By contributing to foreign missionary work.
  • A stamp can be licked only once.
  • When it is smoked.
  • From Washington to Cleveland.
  • Thatcher
  • Cameron
  • Walpole
  • Disraeli
  • Gladstone
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