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Cinderella Workbook for Children
Free Printable "Cinderella" Literary Classics Workbook for Kids in Grades 4+ - eBooks > Fairy Tales
This is a free 12-page PDF workbook. It features the text of the popular fairy tale "Cinderella."

Before reading the story, students are given a list of fifteen vocabulary terms that they will encounter in the text. Students are asked to read and think about these words, then put them into alphabetical order.
Cinderella Literary Classics Workbook - Free to print (PDF file).
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Interspersed throughout the text are multiple-choice, critical thinking, and short-answer questions. Following the reading selection, students are asked to describe the story's events from the perspective of a minor character. There is also a word search puzzle as well as a crossword puzzle.

Teachers love these workbooks because they are engaging for both advanced and struggling readers. The all-inclusive workbook format allows for independent learning. Some resource center teachers love using these with students who have reading difficulties. Some classroom teachers like giving them to gifted students who have already completed their other assignments.

The question formatting familiarizes students with what they will encounter on standardized tests, which helps with test anxiety. The vocabulary acquisition, cultural literacy, and writing skills that students gain from completing this workbook are perfectly in line with CCSS (Common Core State Standards).

And it's completely free! Click here for the PDF to print.
Cinderella Literary Classics Workbook - Free to print (PDF file).
Story Questions Answer Key: (1) astonishment; (2) charming; (3) cinders; (4) civilities; (5) coachman; (6) fashionable; (7) godmother; (8) handsome; (9) haughty; (10) invitation; (11) odious; (12) pumpkin; (13) singular; (14) slippers; (15) temper; (16) B - 2; (17) A - arrogant; (18) B - attitude; (19) B - disgusting; (20) Answers will vary; (21) B - False; (22) C - lovely; (23) D - stylish; (24) Cinderella; (25) C - godmother; (26) pumpkin; (27) mice; (28) coachman; (29) B - footmen; (30) glass; (31) D - unique; (32) B - ceased; (33) A - True; (34) B - courtesies; (35) Answers will vary; (36) One of her glass slippers; (37) shoes; (38) Answers will vary; (39) C - pleasing; (40) Answers will vary.

Crossword Puzzle Answer Key: Across: (1) handsome; (3) fashionable; (6) charming; (7) godmother. Down: (2) singular; (4) haughty; (5) odious; (6) civilities.

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