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The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde (1882)
Free Printable Workbook for Kids - Scroll Down to Print (PDF) - eBooks > Short Stories
The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde (1882) - Free printable short story workbook (PDF file)  for elementary school students.
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This workbook features the popular 1882 short story "The Happy Prince" by Oscar Wilde. This classical tale, popular during the holiday season (but appropriate for any time of year) tells the story of a golden statue. In life, this Happy Prince was insulated from the misery and poverty of the city by the high walls surrounding his palace. As a statue, he weeps for the poor. A swallow, heading south for the winter, pauses on his journey to help the Happy Prince in his quest to relieve the people's suffering. Get out the tissues, because this is a heartwarming tearjerker. "The Happy Prince" is suitable for kids in grades 4 through 12. As an added bonus for younger readers, we've included some handwriting practice in this workbook. Click here to print. This workbook is fourteen pages in length.
Note: "The Happy Prince" by Oscar Wilde was written in the late Victorian era, and uses British spellings and some dated language. This is a good opportunity to point out such differences, such as the British marvellous as opposed to the American marvelous. The answer key is below.
The Happy Prince Word Search Puzzle Answer Key
Answer Key - 1. C - gold; 2. In their dreams; 3. Egypt; 4. A - preposterous; 5. C - flirter; 6. A - frivolous; 7. At the feet of the Happy Prince; 8. B - crying; 9. He was insulated in the palace; 10. D - oranges; 11. C - Nile; 12. Ruby from the Happy Prince's sword-hilt; 13. A - anomaly; 14. Sapphire eye of the Happy Prince; 15. Happy Prince's other sapphire eye; 16. Gold leaf; 17. Happy Prince's lead heart; 18. Leaden heart and dead bird; 19. Answers will vary; 20. On map; 21. C - flirter; 22. A - anomaly; 23. E - preposterous; 24. D - frivolous; 25. B - crying.