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"The Lost Kitten" Workbook
Free Printable Workbook for Teachers & Students - Scroll Down to Print (PDF) - Short Stories - eBooks
This free printable workbook features the short story "The Lost Kitten." It includes several multiple-choice questions, as well as handwriting and spelling practice, placed throughout the text. Following the story, students are asked to write a summary in beginning-middle-end format. Next, students describe each character. The last page features a word search puzzle with ten terms from the story. Lastly, readers are asked about their favorite part of the story.
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Click here to print. This workbook is ten pages in length, meaning that you can print in on five double-sided sheets. This fun workbook is great for encouraging independent learning. It's ideal for that eager student who always finishes early, and needs something to keep her/his mind occupied. Enjoy this? Check out more of our short stories for lower elementary.
"Meow! Meow!" cried Fluff, the tabby cat, as she ran about the house in a state of great excitement, with her fur on end and her tail sticking straight up in the air.
"Boo-hoo! Boo-hoo!" cried dark-haired Poppy as she followed Fluff about, rubbing her fat little knuckles into her pretty brown eyes.
In fact, these two little creatures were just as miserable as it is possible for two little creatures to be. And yet the day before had been all sunshine and happiness, for both the little girl and the tabby cat. The day before had been Poppy's birthday, and she had gotten up very early in the morning so as to make the most of it...
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