Tang and Song Dynasties of China: Printable Multiple-Choice Quiz
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Tang and Song Dynasties of China
Multiple-Choice Quiz - Free Social Studies Printable 18-Question Multiple-Choice Quiz - Just Scroll Down and Click to Print (PDF) - World History > Ancient East Asia > Miscellany on Ancient East Asia
Tang and Song Dynasties of China - Printable Multiple-Choice Quiz-Practice Test1. What is the capital city of China today?
     a. Beijing
     b. Hong Kong
     c. Moukden
     d. Shanghai
2. What city (modern-day Xi’an) was the world’s most populous city, and the capital of Tang-era China from 618 until 904 CE?
     a. Bianjing
     b. Chang’an
     c. Lin’an
     d. Peking
3. What tested knowledge of Confucian principles and writing skills, and were used to determine who would fill bureaucratic government positions?
     a. admissions tests
     b. AP tests
     c. civil service examinations
     d. proficiency examinations
4. The abacus, block printing, and gunpowder were developed during the Tang and Song dynasties of China. True or false?
     a. True
     b. False
5. What group formed the top level of Chinese society during the Tang and Song dynasties?
     a. bourgeoisie
     b. merchants
     c. peasants
     d. scholar-gentry
6. What traditional Chinese medical practice involves the therapeutic insertion of needles into the human body?
     a. acupuncture
     b. garroting
     c. leeching
     d. shamanism
7. What penal code, with lists of offenses and punishments based on the offender and victim’s relational positions in society, was created in 624 CE under Emperor Gaozu?
     a. Justinian Code
     b. Song Code
     c. Tang Code
     d. Twelve Tables
8. China’s first mosque was built in Canton following an embassy sent by Caliph Uthman in 651 CE. True or false?
     a. True
     b. False
9. What city served as the Song capital between 1127 and 1276?
     a. Bianjing
     b. Chang’an
     c. Lin’an
     d. Luoyang
10. What city served as the Song capital between 960 and 1127?
     a. Bianjing
     b. Chang’an
     c. Lin’an
     d. Luoyang
11. All of China has a subtropical climate. True or false?
     a. True
     b. False
12. Which statement about the Tang dynasty is a fact rather than an opinion?
     a. Artisans during the Tang dynasty created China’s most   
          beautiful porcelain pottery.
     b. Chang’an served as the capital city from 618 until 904  
     c. Patriarchy was proven to be the best possible social
     d. The Tang dynasty was the most religiously tolerant
          society until the United States.
13. According to census reports, what was the approximate population of China during the 7th and 8th centuries?
     a. 5,000,000
     b. 10,000,000
     c. 50,000,000
     d. 100,000,000
14. A strong emperor encourages _____ government.
     a. centralized
     b. decentralized
15. What religion became a major influence on Chinese
culture during the Tang dynasty?

     a. Buddhism
     b. Hinduism
     c. Islam
     d. Judaism
16. What Chinese emperor, who came to power in 627 CE, implemented education and government reforms?
     a. Mao Tse-tung
     b. Mencius
     c. Shih Huang Ti
     d. T’ai Tsung
17. A _____ is a series of rulers from the same family.
     a. dynasty
     b. mandate
     c. monarchy
     d. genealogy
18. What substance, first used to create fireworks, began to be used as a weapon during the Tang dynasty?
     a. dynamite
     b. gunpowder
     c. nitroglycerine
     d. papier mache

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