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Writings of Confucius DBQ
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The master said, "A young man's duty is to behave well to his parents at home and to his elders abroad, to be cautious in giving promises and punctual in keeping them, to have kindly feelings towards everyone, but seek the intimacy of the Good."

The master said, "Govern the people by regulations, keep order among them by chastisements, and they will flee from you, and lose all self-respect.  Govern them by moral force, keep order among them by ritual, and they will keep their self-respect and come to you of their own accord."

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Siam Qian Records of the Grand Historian DBQ Worksheet

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Document-Based Questions: Please answer each question using complete sentences, based on the reading selection and your knowledge of social studies.
1.  How did Confucius feel people should behave toward others?
2.  What might Confucius think about criminal laws and prisons in the modern world?
3.  On a personal level, do you respond better to strict rules regarding behavior, or to good examples of proper behavior?
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