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Moses and the Burning Bush
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Moses and the Burning Bush
Fleeing Egypt after murdering an Egyptian, Moses took refuge on the Sinai Peninsula.  After defending the daughters of Jethro, a Midianite, Moses went to live with Jethro, marrying one of his daughters, Zipporah.  During the forty years that Moses spent among the Midianitish tribe, a new pharaoh came to the Egyptian throne.

While tending his flock on a remote part of Mount Horeb, Moses saw a bush that burned without being consumed.  A voice came from this bush, telling Moses that he was in the presence of God.  Moses was further told that he was being called upon to lead the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt.

This story is told in the Book of Exodus, the second book of the Hebrew Torah and of the Christian Old Testament.  The story of the flight of Moses and his quest to return is echoed in ancient Egypt's Tale of Sinuhe, which dates as far back as the twentieth century B.C.E. Click here to enlarge.
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