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Soong Family Tree Worksheet
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Soong Family Tree Worksheet - For World History classes studying Kuomintang and nationalist revolution in China. Free to print (PDF file).
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Behind the Scenes: the Soong Family and Nationalist Revolution in China

Answer the questions below based on the descendancy chart, text, and your knowledge of social studies.

Charlie Soong came to the United States at around nine years old to work with his uncle. He ran away shortly thereafter, making his way as a hired hand on ships along the east coast. He converted to Christianity (Methodist) and attended Vanderbilt University and Duke University before returning to China. At that time, China was nominally under the rule of the Qing dynasty, while actual control was held by European imperialists.

Charlie became a successful businessperson and married Ni Kwei-tseng, with whom he had six children: Ai-ling, Ching-ling, T.V., May-ling, T.L., and T.A. He befriended Sun Yat-sen and assisted him in overthrowing the last Chinese emperor. Sun Yat-sen went on to marry Charlie’s second daughter, Ching-ling.

Following the death of Sun Yat-sen, Chiang Kai-shek gradually came to prominence as leader of the Kuomintang (KMT), the Chinese nationalist party. Chiang Kai-shek married Charlie Soong’s third daughter, May-ling (sometimes spelled Mei-ling).

Questions: 1. Who was H.H. Kung? 2. What is the KMT? 3. Who was Sun Yat-sen? 4. Who was Chiang Kai-shek? Answers will vary. Click here to print.
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