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List of Former British Colonial Possessions
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The Modern British Imperialist Empire with Dates of Independence and More
Aden → formerly governed as part of British India; independent in 1967 as part of Yemen
Anglo-Egyptian Sudan → Sudan
Bahrain → independent in 1971
British Cameroon → divided between Nigeria and the Republic of Cameroon in 1961
British Commonwealth of Nations
Gold Coast → Ghana, 1957
Nigeria, 1957
Sierra Leone, 1961
Tanganyika, 1961
Joined Zanzibar in 1964 to become Tanzania
Further divided into Rwanda and Burundi
Burma (a.k.a. Myanmar) → independent in 1948
Egypt → independent in 1922
Gambia → joined the British Commonwealth in 1965
Iraq → independent in 1932
Kenya → independent in 1963
Kuwait → independent in 1961
Northern Rhodesia → Zambia (joined the British Commonwealth in 1964)
Nyasaland → Malawi (joined the British Commonwealth in 1964)
Oman → independent in 1971
Palestine → largely became the independent country of Israel in 1948
Qatar → independent in 1971
Somaliland → joined Italian Somaliland as Republic of Somalia in 1960
Southern Rhodesia
1965 → declared independence as Rhodesia under the leadership of white leader Ian Smith
1980 → known as the Republic of Zimbabwe after blacks won the circa 15-year civil war
Suez Canal → control went to Egypt in 1956
Togoland → joined Ghana
Transjordan → independent in 1946 as Jordan
Uganda → independent in 1962
United Arab Emirates (UAE) → independent in 1971
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