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Free Printable Decipher the Code Puzzle for Teachers and Students
Anthropology Terms Code Puzzle #1 - Free to print (PDF file). Hunter-gatherers are known as 6-15-18-1-7-5-18-19.
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1. When one culture adopts the traits of another culture en masse, the process of transformation is referred to as   1-3-3-21-12-20-21-18-1-20-9-15-14.
2. 3-1-19-20-5 is a person's inherited status in society.
3. A person's brothers and sisters are the person's 19-9-2-12-9-14-7-19.
4. A 7-5-14-5-1-12-15-7-25 is a family's history of descent.
5. The feeling that one's own culture is superior to other cultures is known as 5-20-8-14-15-3-5-14-20-18-9-19-13.
6. 9-14-6-1-14-20-9-3-9-4-5 is the killing of children.
7. The native population of a place is its 9-14-4-9-7-5-14-15-21-19 population.
8. Hunter-gatherers are known as 6-15-18-1-7-5-18-19.
9. A religious leader within an organized religion is a 16-18-9-5-19-20, although the person's particular religion may call her or him by a different term.
10. Harmful discrimination or prejudice based on race is called   18-1-3-9-19-13.
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