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German Unification Code Puzzle
Decipher the Code Puzzle Worksheet for World History - Scroll Down to Print (PDF) - Global Nationalism
German Unification Code Puzzle Worksheet - Free to print (PDF file).
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1) Chancellor Otto von 2-9-19-13-1-18-3-11 united the German states under Prussian rule.

2) To 1-14-14-5-24 means to add land or territory to an existing geopolitical unit (such as a city, state, or country).

3) 18-5-9-3-8 is the German word for "empire."

4) The house of 11-18-21-16-16 was a powerful German business that produced weapons and steel.

5) The 26-15-12-12-22-5-18-5-9-14 was an economic union that removed tariffs among German states.

6) Bismarck was known as the 9-18-15-14 chancellor.

7) 18-5-1-12-16-15-12-9-20-9-11 means "realistic politics," or political decisions based on the needs of a state rather than on principles.

8) 11-1-9-19-5-18 is the German word for "emperor."

9) Bismarck's 11-21-12-20-21-18-11-1-13-16-6 (1871-1878), a "battle for civilization," was an attempt to replace Catholics' religious loyalties with national loyalties.

10) Germany's 10-21-14-11-5-18 class was made up of conservative nobles.
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