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Benito Juárez DBQ Worksheet
Printable DBQ Worksheet: Document-Based Questions in Latin America in World History
Free Printable World History DBQ Worksheet - Benito Juárez of Mexico's La Reforma

Benito Juarez World History DBQ"The constitution of 1824 was a compromise between progress and reaction, and that (it was a) seedbed of the incessant convulsions that the Republic has suffered, and that it will still suffer while society does not recover its balance by making effective the equality of rights and duties of all citizens and of all persons who inhabit the national territory, without privileges, without exemptions, without monopolies, and without odious distinctions..."

                      - Benito Juárez, La Reforma
Directions: Answer the following questions based on the reading and your knowledge of social studies.
1. What does Juárez mean by the phrase "the incessant convulsions that the Republic has suffered"?
2. Describe the stance that Juárez is taking on equality in Mexico.
3. Imagine that you are a Mexican of Indian heritage reading these words in the 1800s. How might you react? Would your reaction change as a Mexican of European heritage? Explain.
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