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Hollywood vs. History: Fiddler on the Roof - Free printable workbook for World History teachers and students (PDF file).
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Fiddler on the Roof has been a top-ranked musical film since it was released in 1971. This timeless classic centers around a traditional Jewish family living in Ukraine until pogroms force them to immigrate to the United States.  It is ideal viewing for any student studying tsarist pogroms and the build-up to the Russian Revolution (World History) as well as the "push factors" that led to American immigration at the turn of the last century (United States History).

Fiddler is still performed regularly throughout the United States. Because the story is the same in both the stage and movie versions, you can use this workbook with a viewing of either.

Our ten-page "Hollywood vs. History: Fiddler on the Roof" booklet is designed to accompany a viewing of this program. It includes a word search "pre-viewing" activity, to introduce some of the vocabulary students will encounter in the film. The "viewing" activity involves taking notes on each major character (listed in alphabetical order) and answering twenty questions (in chronological order). The "post-viewing" activity involves three critical thinking essay questions. Click here to print.
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