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Merovingian Dynasty Outline
Free Printable Outline/Timeline for World History - Scroll Down to Print (PDF) - European Middle Ages
Chlodio the Longhair (428-448), Merovech (448-457), Childeric I (457-481) [traditional founder of the dynasty], Clovis I (481-511), Childebert I (511-558), Chlothar I the Old (558-561), Charibert I (561-567), Chilperic I (567-584), Chlothar II the Great, the Young (584-629), Dagobert I (629-639), Clovis II the Lazy (639-657), Chlothar III (657-673), Childeric II (673-675), Theuderic III (675-691), Clovis IV (691-695), Childebert III the Just (695-711), Dagobert III (711-715), Chilperic II (715-721), Theuderic IV (721-737), Charles Martel the Hammer [Mayor of the Palace, 737-743], Childeric III (743-751).
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This outline lists all of the rulers of France's Merovingian dynasty in chronological order, with room for adding notes. This is handy for helping students to understand the succession of Germanic kings who filled the void in Gaul as the Western Roman Empire declined and fell. Click here to print.
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