Timeline: Early German History, 9 C.E.-1517 | Student Handouts
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Timeline: Early German History, 9 C.E.-1517
Printable Worksheet - Scroll Down to Print - World History > Middle Ages > Middle Ages Worksheets
Timeline: Early German History, 9 C.E.-1517 - Worksheet is free to print (PDF file) for high school World History or European History students.
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Here's a handy timeline worksheet for looking over the history of Germany from ancient Roman times (Germanic tribes under Hermann, or Arminius) in 9 C.E. to the start of the Protestant Reformation (Martin Luther in 1517). Click here to print. This worksheet contains four short-answer questions. 1 Who destroyed the Roman legion under Varus? Hermann (or Arminius). 2 When did Henry III conquer Bohemia? 1042. 3 Who joined the Crusades in 1147? Conrad III. 4 When was the Hanseatic League formed? 1245.