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Modern World Leaders Quiz #2
Printable Worksheet for World History Grades 7-12 - Scroll Down to Print (PDF) - Modern Global Issues
Modern World Leaders Quiz #2 - Free to print (PDF file).

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Modern World Leaders Matching Quiz #1

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Directions: Match each past and present world leader to her or his country.

1. _______ Abdullah Gul
2. _______ Asif Ali Zardari
3. _______ Barack Obama
4. _______ Benigno Aquino III
5. _______ Christian Wulff
6. _______ David Cameron
7. _______ Hamid Karzai
8. _______ Hu Jintao
9. _______ Kim Jong Il
10. _______ Nicolas Sarkozy
11. _______ Shimon Peres
12. _______ Than Shwe


a. Afghanistan
b. Burma
c. China
d. France
e. Germany
f. Israel
g. North Korea
h. Pakistan
i. Philippines
j. Turkey
k. United Kingdom
l. United States

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